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           JIN QIANG YI which was located in a well known "Historical City of Porcelain in China" Chaozhou city.

           Emphasizes on goods virtual utillity each goods was design by the designer it has design a series of dining ware for the Hotel and user. Also renewal of perfect goods for the market.

           We fully aware of the principle of development in this new area.Attaching omportance to absorb the talents withadvanced technology and continuous to Advanced technology in dinner ware manufacture as well as the mode of scientific management From home and aboard in order to ensure the high quality, high technical, high artistic qualitative motive power of enterprise and brand. "Vasubf on the human,succeeding by the quality".

           With honestly attitude and guarantee qualitative to develop the market.

           JIN QIANG YI hope to establish a good business relationship with you. Welcome you inquiry and item.

      About us
      ? Copyright 2016 GUANGDONG JIN QIANG YI CERAMICS INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. All Rights Reserved    粵ICP備05026077號    Keywords:仿玉瓷、熒光瓷、鳳瓷
      Telephone of domestic department:0768-5211111 5224455 5224838 / Telephone of export department:0768-5223708
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